Fact Sheet


Fact Sheet


- A land holding company held by farmers and private investors to hold land for the exclusive use of the next generation organic family farmers. This company can buy land from farmers looking to retire or who would like to add some cash to their farm business


- Farmers can retain or buy equity in the company to own and grow value and/or sit on the advisory board. Farmers can be allowed right of first refusal if they would like to purchase land back at market value


- Land owners can take advantage of capital gains exemptions while still alive. 

- Original and participating farmers recognized by point of interest, rest area or something similar on their land. We give many farm tours and would like to establish a farm tour to learn more about and promote the history of the land. Original settlers would be recognized always respecting the family’s wishes.  

- Land improvement such as shelter belts, trees, dugouts, ponds, and grass or alfalfa would help land recover from intense agriculture. Grain storage could be added as well.

- Different sales and rental agreements may be used for different sellers and farmers depending on circumstance or specific agreement of sale. Land owned could be made available to participating farm families and descendants in event of catastrophic world events. 

- Farmers keep farming with agreements to crop share, cash rent or as agreed by joint venture.

-  Eventually, if not already,  land use will be transitioned to certified organic. 

-  If you are not a farmer but looking for a secure long term land investment and would like to join our group

- Company name: Lighthouse Family Farms

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